About us

The collections from In God We Trust owner Shana Tabor, whether clothing, jewelry, or interior design, embody her unique New England upbringing, love of New York City, and her humor.

In God We Trust opened in 2005 and has evolved into a multifaceted brand including clothing, jewelry, men's and women's accessories and a burgeoning wedding band collection. IGWT currently has three brick and mortar locations in New York and a bustling e-commerce site.

From the start IGWT has taken pride in the fact that all design and manufacturing happens here in the US. In fact, all jewelry has been produced out of  a workspace in Brooklyn from the start. Today that studio resides in the back of it's Greenpoint storefront. IGWT clothing is either produced in this same studio or in the NY fashion district. Having such close proximity to the making process allows Tabor, and all of IGWT, the ability to provide the highest standards of craftsmanship and pays it forward in top-notch customer service.

In addition, Tabor continues to be a strong supporter of other brands, artists, and designers that have like-minded business goals and stocks all In God We Trust locations with goods and merchandise that equate her homespun aesthetic and locally-made ethos. 

In God We Trust believes in locally-produced basics made with love and pride right here in NYC, and hopes that each piece purchased from the company will live happily in your own personal collection for years to come.